Hello there…

Liv Free by name, Liv Free by nature. (Yes, it’s actually my real name) It would’ve been a shame to pass up the opportunity of using my name somewhere in the creation of my vegan food blog, so as cheesy as it may be, here we are!

There’s not much to say about me other than I am a country girl at heart with a love of baking and cooking delicious food. It just happens to be vegan (because I am!)

Being vegan is so much easier these days than it has ever been and yet I still come across so many people who still believe we only eat lettuce (insert eye-roll here). So, in between life and stuff, I’ll be sharing some of my recipes here! Just delicious food without meat, fish or dairy; and hopefully proving to you along the way that there’s real no need for it either.

Let’s make something together.